New York: Part One

I can't believe it's been a whole sixth months since I went to New York (which also means it's been six months since I've been out of the country! No wonder I'm getting itchy feet.) I obviously took hundreds of photos over the four and a bit days we spent in the Big Apple, so I've decided to break my collection of snaps down into bitesize chunks (excuse the foodie pun - a New York food post will be coming later!)

We stayed at the DoubleTree by Hilton Times Square Suites which was perfect because we were literally steps away from the heart of the Square.

I'll never forget that breathtaking feeling when I opened the curtains in our suite and looked out at the glittering silver New York skyline, set against a perfect blue sky.

After we'd settled in to our hotel we decided to explore on foot.

Spot the Chrysler Building!

Throughout the whole of our trip New York was blisteringly cold (it was mid-February!) so the first time we walked around it wasn't long until we needed refuge from the bitter wind, and ended up at the New York Public Library.

I was so excited to look around this iconic Manhattan institution as I knew it as the setting of Carrie and Big's not-quite-wedding in the Sex and the City Movie.

But above all things truth beareth away the victory.

It was a beautiful building inside; the reading room ceiling took my breath away.

The spot where Carrie discovers that Big's not coming.

After we'd just about warmed ourselves up we wrapped up again and headed over to Macys. It was crazy busy inside so I didn't manage to take it all in, but I did manage to snap up some Essie and Martha Stewart goodies (haul post coming soon!) After Macys we headed up 7th Avenue to our hotel where we had a catnap before psyching ourselves up to head back outside for our first night in the city.

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