Bodyshop Bargains

Hair Butter £3.00
Discount Total £13.00

Living near a designer outlet is dangerous business. It's way too tempting on a spare Saturday afternoon to just 'pop and have a browse'. I gave into this temptation one recent weekend but thankfully I managed to enforce a reasonable level of damage control and limit my spending to just £13 at the Body Shop (I very nearly ended up with some MAC eyeshadows I definitely do not need!)

I originally headed into the Body Shop to pick up a pocket-sized body butter for my upcoming trip to Barcelona, but two more goodies found their way into my basket (funny how that happens). The body butter I picked up was the Satsuma scent which I took a whiff of after Fleur and Tati raved about it in their June favourites video. I totally agree that it smells amazing and does leave a lingering sweet scent on the skin. It's a really zesty, summery smell which I think will be perfect for sunny Barcelona.

The next thing I picked up was the Seaweed Clay Mask as I'd just finished off my last face mask pot. I've used this since I was a teenager mostly because I love watching the mask go from a scary dark green-grey colour to a pale turquoisey green colour as it dries on  your face. It's the sort of mask that tingles your skin as it sets which always makes me feel like it's actually doing something! I do find this breaks me out a little bit if I don't use it regularly, as if it's sucked all the gross stuff to the surface, but gets better if I use it about twice a week.

I also got the Rainforest Radiance hair butter mostly because it was in a cute little pot and I'm a sucker for anything miniature, but also because I've got the leave-in detangling spray in the same scent and love it. It's sort of like a blueberry scent but not too sweet (it's got Bilberrys in whatever they are!) I found this quite hard to use at first as it wouldn't really go into my hair. I found that warming it up in my palms helped and then scrunched it through my hair. It's not super moisturising like it says but I just love the smell!

It wasn't really clear how the discounts worked but I spent £13 in total for the three items - which is a massive bargain considering the face mask itself should have been £12! With such an amazing discount I doubt it will be long before another of these haul posts appears.... eek.

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