New York: Part Two

Part two of my trip to New York back in February. For part one click here!

On our second day in the city we headed downtown for breakfast before setting sail on a river cruise to see the Statue of Liberty. We ate breakfast at George's New York and ordered the biggest plate of pancakes you've ever seen. Definitely a good way to start the day!

After we'd finished devouring breakfast we walked through Battery Park towards the boat dock. I didn't think it was possible to feel colder than I did the day before but, alas, this day was the coldest I've ever felt! It was such a beautiful sunny day though so the cold was worth it in the end.

Not impressed with how cold it was!
Stunning blue skies and our first glimpse of the city skyline viewed from off-shore.
I honestly thought I was going to freeze to death on the boat so when we got close enough to the Statue of Liberty to take photos it took all the willpower I could summon to take my hands out of my gloves to operate my camera! It was worth it in the end though; she really was a beauty.

Stunning city views.

After we arrived back on shore we slowly walked back uptown via Wall St to oggle at the New York Stock exchange. To my mum's disappointed we didn't bump into any handsome men in suits
 (which is what I imagined would happen to us!)

That evening we decided to head up the Empire State building. I'd heard from a friend at work that it's better to do the Empire State at night when the queues aren't so bad and I'm really glad we listened to her as we were straight to the top in no time.

The most beautiful view I'd ever seen.

It was such a magical atmosphere at the top with all the twinkling city lights below - definitely a moment I won't forget and the perfect way to end our first full day.

Look out for part three of my New York diaries coming soon (as well as haul post and a foodie special blog!)

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