Kefalonia Dreaming

What horrible, horrible weather we're having at the moment. We haven't had it as bad as the rest of the country up here in York but it's definitely sounded like my bedroom window was going to blow off these last few nights. With the gross weather combined with vowing not to travel overseas this year (we're saving up to buy a house), I really don't know why I've been torturing myself by looking through the photos of the last proper 'sun holiday' I went on; a week's stay in the Greek island of Kefalonia in 2011. Seriously, if I look at the blue waters of the sea long enough I get a little bit teary eyed.

Kefalonia was the first proper holiday the boyfriend and I had been on and with a limited budget post-Uni we stayed in a modest apartment in the small resort of Skala on the south east corner of the island. It had just the right amount of bars and restaurants dotted along the seafront but as we visited out of season, it was a tiny bit too quiet for us. The island itself had all the usual gorgeous features of a Greek island; whitewashed buildings with coloured wooden window frames in the towns and sweeping beaches with turquoise seas surrounding the coast.

Gorgeous decor outside a Skala apartment.

The highlight of the holiday was a boat cruise we took to small neighboring island of Ithaca. It was great to get out on the open water and see Kefalonia in all it's glory. We passed some beautifully picturesque looking villages and secluded coves that would have been amazing to swim up to from a private yacht (a girl can dream!)

Our first stop was at the harbour town of Vathi, where we mooched around the shops, and cooled down with the biggest ice-creams ever.

According to legend Ithaca was the home of Odysseus, and hidden down one of Vathi's side streets was the strangest museum I've ever been in which housed a heap of Odysseus memorablia, as well as an eclectic assortment of Greek homeware. Very odd but there were some lovely patterns painted on the furniture, most of which featured the inky blue swallows that flock to the island.

Later we sailed to a tiny fishing village called Kioni where we stopped and had lunch at a beautiful sea-front restaurant. We had delicious fresh calamari and pickled octopus (sounds grim but was actually really nice!) and sat watching the boats come and go. It was such a perfect afternoon.

On our way back to Skala our boat anchored near a tiny beach and we played diving into the water (after I finally plucked up the courage).

The rest of our holiday was spent alternating between lounging on the beach and next to the pool; with plenty of oggling the boy in his trunks taking place too.

Good memories. This year's holiday snaps might be a bit more grey tinted with a lot less flesh on show (can't imagine walking around The Cotswolds will call for a bikini), but at least these photos will help me remember what the sun feels like on my skin! Roll on 2015... Bahamas anyone?

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