Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks! And here's to my first blog post of 2015. Hope you had a fun time celebrating. I spent last night cosied up at home with The Boyfriend and I'm not even sorry I didn't go out in town or to a party as I was a smug member of the hangover-free club this morning.

We spent the night drinking prosecco, eating a beige buffet, playing cards (there were shots involved to save us from being totally tragic) and watching The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one, mainly as James Franco was only present in memory form, but was still good. I have a strange fascination with films that depict a decaying, apocalyptic planet earth. Anyway we finished the film just in time to see in the New Year with a chinking of our glasses while watching the footage of the fireworks in London.

Today I came downstairs to a beautiful smelling kitchen thanks to the bouquet of lilies and eucalyptus I picked up yesterday. Such a lovely combination, will definitely be picking some up again soon. Even though our kitchen/dining area is still pretty chaotic I think having some fresh flowers adds a bit of normality and joy to the place!

We started the day's feasting with bacon, Brie and cranberry sandwiches on, would you believe it, soft white bread. Haven't had the white stuff for ages so felt like a sinful treat (how rock and roll). The rest of the day was mostly spent chasing channels in the plaster where cracks have appeared. Oh the joys of newly plastered walls.

Then this afternoon we enjoyed the most epic roast dinner ever; one of the perks of having the oven back in after twelve weeks of suffering samey one pot meals cooked on a camping stove! As we didn't get to see each other on Christmas Day we decided this would be our equivalent feast together, so piled our plates unashamedly high with roast pork, roasted apples and potatoes, cauliflower cheese, green beans and honey glazed carrots and parsnips. Not forgetting the apple sauce of course. I'm just gonna go ahead and say that it was possibly the best roast ever. Definitely a great start to the year!

After I'd recovered from my food coma I treated myself to a New Year's Day bubble bath while sipping on some more prosecco and reading We Need To Talk About Kevin (I think it's going to be a good-un). It was a perfect way to end a rather lovely day.

What did you get up to this New Year? Let me know in the comments if you were in the hangover-free club too.

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