Last Sunday I was invited to attend the Currys & PC World #CurrysIntroJuicing event over in Leeds. The session was designed to give us an introduction to juicing, including some exciting recipe ideas, and to inspire us to keep up the health kick with a session of Rocket Yoga (which I later found out was quite fast paced!).

We were welcomed with a shot of a rosy coloured beetroot juice which looked a lot nicer than it tasted!

The event was held at Lambert's Yard in Leeds city centre which was a really cool space to house 50 plus bloggers for the afternoon; it had a quirky industrial vibe and I was eyeing up the metal stackable chairs for dining room inspiration!

The event was split into five sessions; the first was to sample some gourmet soups, second was to try some juicing recipes expertly prepared by nutritionist Shakela from Nutrishan, next was sampling some juice 'mocktails', followed by our yoga session and finally getting to play making our own juices.

This one with carrot and orange tasted much nicer!

The highlights of the event for me were speaking to Shakela about what ingredients are best to add into juices to help sort out your skin (she recommended flax seed oil for dryness and turmeric as an anti-inflammatory). I also really loved the yoga and was super proud of myself for managing to hold crow pose for the first time ever! I've only ever done pilates before but am now thinking of signing up to a yoga class in York - had a satisfying burn in my muscles the next day so definitely did something!
The day also taught me never to add a whole plum into a juicer (there was a hairy moment when one of the juicers had smoke billowing out of it which we won't talk about...) and that I definitely do not enjoy beetroot. In any form. Even when served from a Martini glass.

Still wearing my name sticker on the train home... doh!

I'm not sure I'm ready to fork out for a full on juicer just yet but will definitely be attempting some smoothie-esque versions of the recipes on the Currys & PC world blog with my mini food processor over the next few weeks. As spring is starting to rear it's pretty little head (in between the snow showers) I think I need to start paying a bit more attention to my waist line. I can't hide in these baggy over sized jumpers forever (more's the pity).

Have you got any good juice/smoothie recipes you'd recommend? Let me know on twitter!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All views are my own.


  1. You photos are amazing! I loved those beetroot shots, starting to think I'm the only person who likes beetroot and I've never actually eaten it before ha!

    Was so lovely to meet you!

    Oh and I LOVE your blog layout, it's so different!

    Laura xx

    Laura Cinnamon

  2. I hear from those over on the darkside that roasted beetroot is meant to be nice!

    You have literally just made my life. Took me so long to hack at the code to get it how I wanted it. I'm pretty fond of it now!

    Kirstie xo.