Meet Hoppy

Hello again, hope you're having a good week? Today I wanted to introduce you to a little guy that's been in my life since Christmas, who I've been meaning to show to you since then. His name is Hoppy and looks a little something like this...

Ok I'm going to stop referring to my necklace as an actual alive being now. But look how cute! I got this from The Boyfriend for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I wanted a small necklace I could wear every day when I don't have on a chunky statement necklace, and that would remind me of him. I think the one he chose is so perfect as reminds me of the first time I met one of his younger cousins and she kept calling him Hoppy (long story about him being in a cast for ages...) which I thought was the cutest nickname ever. Little hoppy bunny. Quite ironic for a beefy rugby player!

Anyway it's from the designer Alex Monroe; I hadn't heard of the brand before but after spying online I'm totally in love with the range and do recognise the Bumble Bee pendants. I really like a pair of Swallow stud earrings which are a bargain at £405. Ahem. Maybe next Christmas?

Do you like him? Let me know what Alex Monroe piece you're a fan of in the comments or send me a tweet @btwncandc

Kirstie xo.

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