Weekend Wondering (Five in Two)

Excuse the ambiguous title of this post, I'm in a bit of a weird, over-analytical mood for a Monday! One of the things I've struggled with before when I've thought, "No this isn't for me", and deleted all my blog posts, is how comfortable/uncomfortable I am with sharing my life online. As a so-called 'Lifestyle Blogger' there are obvious elements of my life that I will share; my house transformation is one of the things I'm excited to share for example. But when it comes to family time of a weekend, or dates I go on with The Boyfriend (fictional dates that is) - I start to put pressure on myself thinking "Should I be taking photos so I can blog about this?"

I want to enjoy blogging which I am doing at the moment, but I need to stop pressurising myself into having plenty of 'exciting' content to share so that I keep up with a regular posting schedule. I need to remind myself it's ok to take this at my own pace, and not to share things you're not 100% comfortable with sharing, just for the sake of having something to post.

With this in mind I was thinking about a structured way I could share some of the highlights of my weekends when I'm happy to share them, and as I was looking back through the photos I did take, I thought if I just choose five photos from over the two days, this will be enough to give my blog followers (all nineteen of you) a sense of what I've been up to without feeling like I have to report back on how I spent every waking minute from when I left my desk on Friday night.

Maybe I'll call these posts The Weekend Five, or Five from Two, who knows? I'll work on it.

Rambling aside, these are my favourite five photos for this week.

Celebrating my Mum's birthday
Country pub signage that doesn't apply to me
Seeing where my sister lives for the first time. Impressed with the view!

If you're a 'Lifestyle Blogger' let me know how you feel about the real life/blog life balance and what you'd consider oversharing. Send me a tweet @btwncandc to discuss!

Just remember folks, your life is your life, not blog content!

Kirstie xo.

One thoughts on “ Weekend Wondering (Five in Two)

  1. I totally understand where you are coming from! I'm constantly thinking 'should I blog about this?' and get frustrated when I don't manage to get the photographs I wanted because I was too busy enjoying myself! Haha. Don't get me wrong, I love to share my travels and things about my life with people online but sometimes it gets a little too much and you have to draw the line on when to stop thinking about your blog.

    It's really difficult to try and find the balance without having your entire life online. I've done similar blog posts to this one you've done and called them 'A Fortnight in Photos' which just shows a snippet of what I've been up to rather than an in depth write up :) Still trying to find my feet with my blog on what to write and what not to write about!

    Sami xx



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