#TMBT: Paris

Another proper throwback for you this week, all the way back to 2007. Did you enjoy last week's trip to Venice? Well today we're going back to Paris, and incidentally for another 'school' trip, except this time was during University. I studied History of Art and the module at the time was focusing on French art pre-the revolution, so Paris was a natural fit.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was seeing the Palace of Versaille. I was obsessed with the Marie Antoinette film by Sofia Coppola starring Kirsten Dunst that had not long been out, so loved experiencing the grandiose rooms of the palace and seeing the little village she created for herself, among her grounds. The gardens themselves were breathtaking, but as we visited during winter lots of the sculptures were covered over. I vowed then that I'd head back one day in summer to see the gardens in all their glory; eight years later I still haven't been back!

That's the trouble with working in travel I guess; too many places keep being added to my wishlist.

Anyway, you know the 'artsy' vibe I mentioned in my Venice photos? Well it's definitely still creeping in to these pictures that were also dug up from the Flickr archive. I also want to note that my camera at the time was bloody awful. I tried to edit out some of the grainyness but to no avail, so you'll just have to go with it. Maybe it adds a certain edgyness? Ha, who am I kidding?

Spot the grainy Eiffel Tower

Shameless mirror selfie in The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles

Check out Marie's love of Leopard Print...

*Le sigh* Another one of the things I loved about Paris was the food. I've blogged before about trying to recreate the best meal I've ever eaten with a recipe for Provencal style chicken casserole with Dauphinoise potatoes and green beans which you can find here. Send me a tweet if you decide to make it! Or let me know if you've enjoyed this little nostalgique look back through my photos of Paris, I'm at @btwncandc

Until next Tuesday! 
Kirstie xo.

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